Top 8 delicious dishes that must be tried when coming to Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is a symphony of flavors and textures, blending herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and nourishing. If you are visiting Vietnam, make sure to try these 8 traditional dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and give you a glimpse into the country’s rich culinary heritage. Phở […]



Bo Kho is a spicy and flavorful Vietnamese beef stew that makes for a pretty epic bowl of noodle soup when you’ve maybe had your fill of pho or are looking for something a little different. I’ve had Bo Kho at only a couple of places over the years, and they’ve been pretty wide-ranging in terms of […]

How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The Origins of The Brew  Before you learn how to make Vietnamese coffee, perhaps you should gain an understanding of just how important coffee is to Vietnam. For instance, did you know that Vietnam is the second biggest coffee bean producer after Brazil? Who would have guessed? This is because the climate and altitude of […]


The first time I went out to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant with my family, I was very unsure of what to expect. I had the misconception that the meal would be your run-of-the mill greasy, heavy food, requiring a great deal of extra sweat time at the gym. I was surprised and delighted when […]

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps

A fragrant and satisfying appetizer (as well as an excellent use for leftover roast pork and poached or steamed shrimp), these flavorful bundles are great dipped in nuoc cham, a sweet and spicy Vietnamese sauce. MAKES ABOUT 20 WRAPS INGREDIENTS 1 bunch scallions, green parts only1 head bibb lettuce, leaves separated and halved through rib4 oz. […]

Do Chua Recipe – Vietnamese Pickled Daikon & Carrots

If you’ve had Vietnamese food, you’ve probably at some point caught a whiff of these pickles, or do chua. Do chua literally means “pickled stuff.” Like pickles in other cuisine, they pair well with salty and fatty foods. They’re great on bánh mì, bánh xèo, bún thịt nướng, bún chả, chả gìo, and the list goes on. […]

Vietnamese Egg Rolls Recipe (Chả Giò)

My mom is an incredible chef and a very generous person. Her keen sense of taste and relentless persistence allows her to fine-tune recipes into some of the best foods I’ve ever had. It was my mom and grandma’s cooking that made their home the gathering point for lunch and dinner multiple times a week. Additionally, […]

Vietnamese Quang Noodle Recipe (Mi Quang)

One of specific Vietnamese Noodle Recipes is Quang Noodle (Mi Quang). It came from Quang Nam, Vietnam. However, today, you can find it easily any restaurand around my country, especially HCMC. It can become the main dish for your family meals if you are ready to cook. It contains 4 main elements of one good meal: Protein, lipid, […]

Easy Vietnamese recipe Simmer Soft Shelled Crabs with Coconut fruit

One of easy Vietnamese recipes is Simmer Soft Shelled Crabs with Coconut Fruit dish. The meat of this kind of crabs is soft, sweet and easy to create many delicious dishes which suit with young people. In addition, meat of crabs contains many calcium and protein which are really good for health and bones. Moreover, the shell of crabs […]

20 Vietnamese Foods You Really Should Be Trying

1. Bánh Cuốn (Steamed Rice Cake) Via Soft, delicately thin sheets of steamed rice cakes are served with crispy fried shallots, chopped cucumber, shredded romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, slices of pork sausage, chopped shrimp, scallions, and ground beef – all drizzled with fish sauce. Sometimes, the restaurants that serve these will usually complement bánh cuốn with […]

10 delicious Vietnamese dishes

Vietnamese cuisine doesn’t win any points for complexity. Many of the most popular dishes can be made just as well on the side of the road as in a top-end restaurant. But it’s precisely this simplicity, the subtle variations by region and the fresh ingredients that keep us pulling up a plastic stool for more. […]

A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food

Erin Zimmer Pho in Hanoi. [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] What makes Vietnamese food special? After an eating tour with Intrepid Travel*, it’s the fresh herbs and stinky fish sauce that I cannot un-smell. These fragrant elements play an important role in just about every dish in the Vietnamese cuisine canon. Each dish could really have its own […]

Vietnamese Roasted Duck Recipe

Roasted duck is one of popular Vietnamese Dish Recipes.  This dish is good for health, because ducks are fed natural and scientific processing. The preferred of roast duck is skin which is thin, crispy, dark yellow. Vietnamese duck is fat, after being roast in the big fireplace, you slice duck meat and skin to serve your clients […]

Moon cake of Vietnam

Mask, drum and lantern. They are the basic things for a important night in the middle of the autumn. But, there are two important kinds of cake for the night, it is “banh nuong”(grilled sticky rice cake) and “banh deo”( sticky rice cake). They have a common name, it is “moon cake”. In addition to […]

Bun Thang, have you ever eaten it?

How many kinds of bun have you eaten in Vietnam? Have you eaten “Bun thang” (Vermicelli and chicken soup)? If you ate this dish, you cancook this dish with below recipe. If you have not eaten “bun thang”, you should read about it before eating. Don’t be afraid! it is very delicious, you should read […]

Recipe: “Bun Thang”(Vermicelli and chicken soup)

After reading the post about “bun thang” do you want to cook this dish? If you want, you can prepare ingredients right now or later because you have not read this post. Or reading ingredients and going to buy, and coming back and continute reading. Okay, I say too much. Your dish, your decision. Start!!! […]

Water lily vermicelli in Vung Tau

Water lily vermicelli combines flavors of the three cultures of Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese people with its unique soup cooked from fish, shrimp, squid accompanied with water lily. Located 125 km from Ho Chi Minh city, Vung Tau is a port city featuring boats from many regions and maybe explains why sailors have helped bring […]

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup – Pho Recipe Video

Making your own fabulous bowl of Vietnamese pho soup at home is not hard, all you need is a straightforward recipe, a few secrets and a nice big stockpot. You’ve had Pho before, right? If not, it’s a wonderfully delicate Vietnamese noodle soup, made from beef bones, ginger, onions and lots of aromatic spices. It’s nothing short […]

Boiled Peanuts Recipe [Seasoned With Salt]

Many Vietnamese people fled their home country after the Vietnam War and ended up in Louisiana. The Vietnamese were exposed to new, local foods resulting in some current mainstays of Vietnamese cuisine, such as Cajun crawfish boil, chicory in Vietnamese coffee and of course, boiled peanuts. These are popularly boiled with just salt, or with Cajun spices, but in this recipe we’re […]

Miso Soup Recipe (Super Easy!)

As a youngin, my parents took me out to eat with them a lot. They were great cooks, so a lot of going out was about discovery and enjoying new foods. To be honest though, it was partially because I was a stubborn customer who couldn’t stomach homemade food. It’s mind-blowing now to think we did […]

Pandan Sticky Rice Recipe (Xoi La Dua)

This pandan sticky rice dessert, or xoi la dua, is great blend of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors. Glutinous rice is used for this, not just regular rice that you can make sticky! The main flavor comes from pandan leaves, which is found in many Vietnamese desserts. These leaves have a wonderful, intoxicating aroma I’d say is a […]

Sunomono Salad Recipe (Japanese Cucumber Salad)

This dish is something I’ve occasionally tried as an appetizer at Japanese restaurants and it always leaves me craving more! So I decided to make it at home. It has a nice and light vinegary smell to it, with great crunch. This dish is called sunomono, and it’s a super simple salad made with cucumbers that […]

Vietnamese Chicken Curry Recipe (Cà Ri Gà)

I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve last shared a recipe here, but I haven’t stopped eating–here’s Instagram proof!. About 14 months ago I got my first non-self-employed job, so Hungry Huy has been a bit neglected. I started to cook at home a lot less, which meant eating out more. It’s quite […]

Bánh Cam Recipe (Vietnamese Sesame Balls)

My grandmother is a child raising machine. As if raising nine of her own kids wasn’t enough of a challenge, she had her hands in raising almost all of the grand-kids too. Between cleaning up our messes and playing referee to our disputes, it seemed like she never skipped a beat in the kitchen. In the very […]

Bún Thịt Nướng Recipe (Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles)

This is love in a bowl. If you’ve had bún thịt nướng you know what I’m talking about. You have your sweet bits, sour bits, caramelization, some crunch, and aromatic herbs in a single, colorful arrangement. Depending in which restaurant you order your grilled pork with noodles (bún thịt nướng), you’ll find that it’s presented […]

Dưa Chua Recipe – Vietnamese Pickled Mustard Greens

One of the staples my mom and grandma kept in the kitchen was dưa chua, or pickled mustard greens. It was often served as a side dish for meals throughout the day. These pickled greens counter-balance many salty dishes such as thịt kho. Northern Vietnamese more commonly eat this with thịt đông. I remember seeing […]

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe (Bò Bía Recipe)

Bò Bía’s Background The name bò bía is likely a Vietnamese adaptation of the Chinese name and roll “popiah” which is pronounced similarly to bò bía. These two foods are quite different though. When bò bía was adapted by the Vietnamese the ingredients changed likely to match local taste and ingredient availability. The first noticeable […]