Bun Thang, have you ever eaten it?

How many kinds of bun have you eaten in Vietnam? Have you eaten “Bun thang” (Vermicelli and chicken soup)? If you ate this dish, you cancook this dish with below recipe. If you have not eaten “bun thang”, you should read about it before eating. Don’t be afraid! it is very delicious, you should read it because you’ll have an overview of it.

bun thang

A bowl of “bun thang” has many colors and flavors. The white of bun(vermicelli), sweet and sour radish, lean pork paste, the yellow of egg, chicken, the green of vegetables. 
The flavor of chicken, shrimp sauce, very fragrant. It is very beautiful, like a vivid picture with many colors combining together, this creates a masterpiece in the art of cooking.

bun thang 2

Unlike other “bun”, “pho”, “bun thang” is not served with fresh herbs because they can make “bun thang” cold faster, lose flavor. You should eat it when it is still hot, the hotter, the more delicious. Because this dish will be more vivid when you eat it. If describing makes your stomach full, I’ll do that. But, this is a dish so you have to eat it, you’ll feel it more honestly.

Okay, if you have not come to Hanoi to try this dish, you can watch this video to see how “bun thang” is like.

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