Recipe: “Bun Thang”(Vermicelli and chicken soup)

After reading the post about “bun thang” do you want to cook this dish? If you want, you can prepare ingredients right now or later because you have not read this post. Or reading ingredients and going to buy, and coming back and continute reading. Okay, I say too much. Your dish, your decision. Start!!!

make bun thang

– Bun(rice noodle):1kg
– Chicken:1kg
– Lean pork paste:1kg
– Egg: three
– Shrimp: 300-500g
– Mushroom:100g
– Pig bone:1kg.
– Green onion, laksa leaves, lemon, chili, vinegar, seasoning powder, pepper, shrimp sauce, catawissa.

How to cook:

Step 1:
– Boil chicken, take bone out.
– Wash pig bone, boil them, pour the first water out, wash again and put them into a pot with chicken bone. Stew them. Skim white and
simmer for broth clean.
– Peel shrimp shell, take head out. Stew head and shell of shrimp with chicken and pig bone.
– Wash mushroom, put it into the broth.

Step 2:
– Tear chicken off.
– Marinate peeled shrimp with spices and catawissa. Fry catawissa with shrimp.
– Cut lean pork paste into small fibers.
– Make thin omelet and cut it into small fibers.
– Mince green onion, laksa leaves, slice chili.

Step 3:
– Put bun into hot water, leave it into a bowl.
– Put chicken, shimp, egg, lean pork paste, mushroom, chili, green
onion and laksa leaves
– Put shrimp before pouring broth.
– Sprinkle pepper, vinegar.

That is basic recipe of “bun thang”, you can cook as you want. Of course, it can be eaten. Wish you success! Enjoy !!!.

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