At Fresh Fitness Food, we emphasise the importance of protein, especially in conjunction with a fitness regime. It plays a critical part in the diet and we focus on quality sources of protein/amino acid.

What is protein?

Proteins are polymer chains of amino acids linked together. They are an essential nutrient in the diet due to their constituent amino Untitled2acids, a number of which cannot be made in the body. There are both essential amino acids such as leucine and non-essential amino acids such as alanine, which can be synthesised from other amino acids.

How much do we need?

The recommended daily intake is 0.8g per kg of body weight, but this increases to between 1-2g (or more) per kg for a person in an active lifestyle, especially if they are participating in resistance training. As each Fresh Fitness Food client will receive a customised diet, we are able to accommodate any requirements.

Why do our bodies need it?

The simple role of protein in the body is to repair and build tissue, including muscle and hormones, which are vital for processes around the body. If you are trying to increase muscle mass or muscle tone, protein is vital – the ‘building blocks’ of muscle mass, It is important in order to get a healthy physique but just as important when maintaining it.Untitled1


What is protein quality?

Quality is based upon the quantity and balance of the amino acids and the digestibility of the protein. The ‘chemical score’ of the protein, also referred to as ‘amino acid score’, can judge the protein quality. This is calculated by measuring the essential amino acid content and comparing it to whole-egg protein, giving a score out of 100. It is interesting to note that animal protein is generally of a higher quality than plant protein.


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