Frozen Olaf Inspired Cupcakes

Frozen finally came out on Blu Ray and DVD yesterday and we were so excited!

We went to Target first thing in the morning to buy our copy and counted down the minutes until Frozen cupcake and movie night.


Before we watched Frozen (affiliate link) we made some Olaf cupcakes!  Our version may not be the fanciest out there but they are definitely easy and fun for kids to make.

Olaf Cupcake Recipe:

  • white frosted cupcakes (we used a box cake mix and white frosting for ours)
  • marshmallows
  • M&Ms
  • pretzel sticks
  • Jujyfruits candy (like the kind you get at the movie theater)
  • red icing or licorice whip

We used the marshmallows with brown M&Ms on them for the eyes, an orange Jujyfruit candy for the nose, and pretzels as his stick “hair”.

Easy Olaf Cupcakes!

We were going with what we had at the house already so we drew the mouth with red icing, but a licorice whip would work too.  If you had room you could even add cut up mini-marshmallows as his teeth!


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