Rainbow Themed Recipes & Crafts for Parshat Noach


With this week being Parshat Noach, I wanted to share some fun (and of course frugal) rainbow ideas for cooking and crafting with your family.

Rainbow Recipes

Remember this beautiful rainbow cake last year, from the talented Melinda Strauss atKitchen Tested? Here are her instructions for making this masterpiece.

If a full cake is a bit too labor intensive for you, you can always do cupcakes! Just dye your batter and drop it by the spoonful into cupcake tins. Top it with some fluffy white frosting and maybe some rainbow sprinkles, like this one from Family Fun.

rainbow cupcake 300x300 Rainbow Themed Recipes & Crafts for Parshat Noach


For a healthier rainbow themed dessert, let me recommend rainbow fruit kabobs. I made them for my son’s 7th birthday party over Simchat Torah (wish I could have taken a photo – this one is via Pinterest) and they were a HUGE hit with kids.

fruit kabobs 300x300 Rainbow Themed Recipes & Crafts for Parshat Noach

They couldn’t get enough! I used strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, green grapes, blueberries and red grapes – but you could also use cantaloupe, honey dew, and bananas! Really, any appropriately colored fruit would work.

Rainbow Crafts

This one is all over Pinterest – A Rainbow of Melted Crayons. I actually first saw it done in real life and went searching for a tutorial (here’s one from “Whatever”) because it was SO cool.

I’m certain that kids all ages would be enthralled with this one. Don’t forget to use yourMichael’s coupons to buy that canvas for 40% off.

 Rainbow Themed Recipes & Crafts for Parshat Noach


And finally, this Roll a Rainbow Game from Share & Remember looks like SO MUCH FUN for a lazy Shabbat afternoon. If you don’t want to use M&Ms because they are dairy, try pre-sorting some boxes of Dots or Mike ‘n Ikes. (Or, I suppose you could use cut-up fruit, but you might lose cool mom points.) I definitely recommend following her advice to laminate the game cards – or at least put them in a sheet protector.

Do you have any creative rainbow-themed recipes or crafts you bring out for Parshat Noach? Please share in the comments?

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