9 Kids Reveal Their Weird Food Obsessions

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Do you have an adventurous eater on your hands, or does your child turn his or her nose up at anything but mac ‘n’ cheese? My kids fall somewhere in the middle, willing to try a few things but not especially adventurous. I’ve always tried to expose our children to all kinds of foods, but I’ve discovered that nature comes into play far stronger than nurture when it comes to what my kids are willing to eat!

This is why I love it when I meet kids who will try anything. I think it’s completely awesome, and I’m a wee bit jealous of those kids’ parents. No matter how many times we’ve read Green Eggs and Ham in our house, I cannot convince my 3 year-old to try ANYTHING!

I recently started asking my friends what the craziest and weirdest foods their kids have eaten and the answers are quite impressive! You better believe I’ll be showing my kids these pictures next time they won’t try something new!

So, what are some of the craziest things kids will eat? You’re not going to believe it …

Fish with Heads 1 of 9

Kai is a 5-year-old who likes his fish whole because the eyeballs are the best part, duh.

Photo credit: Brian Matter

Pan-Fried Tripe 2 of 9

In case you don’t know much about tripe, it’s “the stomach of an animal (such as a cow or ox) that is eaten as food” (thanks, Merriam-Webster), so basically, animal guts. And 11-year-old Alexander loves it pan-fried!

Photo credit: Gina Von Esmarch

Bugs 3 of 9

Six-year-old Quinn may not eat his vegetables, but throw some mealy worms his way and he’s all set. Hey, it’s protein, right?

Photo credit: Sharon Bodon

Crawdads 4 of 9

Cubby comes from a family where the kids will eat anything, and he is no exception. Grandpa takes the kids crawdad fishing, and they all come home to cook and eat their catch together. Here’s Cubby with his cousin Lilly just before the crawdads made a home in these crazy kids’ bellies!

Photo credit: Rebecca Bingham

Fancy Asparagus 5 of 9

Baby Emily has very sophisticated taste buds. Forget the jar of baby food; give her a perfectly roasted asparagus spear drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper and she’s the happiest baby on the block!

Photo credit: Christine Pittman

Oysters on the Half Shell 6 of 9

Thirteen-year-old Nicolette loves oysters (lest you forget, oysters are served raw!). The first time she ate oysters on the half shell was when she was 10 … and she still loves them!

Photo credit: Debbie Rough

Chicken Feet 7 of 9

Three-year-old Seth goes crazy with chicken feet at dim sum restaurants! I think he’s a few steps ahead of most American adults out there!

Photo credit: Jill Leonard-Pingel

Lollipops with Bugs 8 of 9

Whenever my kids see lollipops with scorpions inside at the natural history museum their eyes light up. Whenever I offer to buy it for them, they decline as quickly as possible! Sydney in Sacramento, however, gets one every single time she and her family visit the candy shops in Old Sacramento. She can’t get enough of these creepy treats!Photo credit: Nicole Harris
Nori Roasted Seaweed Sheets 9 of 9

Three-year-old Asher is obsessed with nori roasted seaweed sheets and uses them as an edible fork whenever his family has stir-fry for dinner!

Photo Credit: Liz Della Croce

 Source: http://www.babble.com/


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