9 Goofy M&M’s Recipes That’ll Have Your Kids Cracking Up


M&M’s make people happy. Have you ever seen anyone in a bad mood eating M&M’s? Didn’t think so.

There’s something about popping a handful in your mouth and having this infectious feel-good vibe take over. Whether you’re serving them to guests in pretty glass bowls or using them to decorate your amazing dessert creations, one thing’s for sure: you can get downright silly with M&M’s. We’ve dug deep to find 9 goofy, creative desserts using M&M’s that’ll have your kids cracking up. Click through and find some faves. Then hit the store, grab a bag (or four!), and recreate a few of these adorable desserts at home. Happy times await!

M&M’s Snack Shots 1 of 9

Tickle your kid’s funny bone with this quick treat — perfect for parties!TO MAKE: Dip the rim of a shot glass into melted chocolate, then into rainbow sprinkles. Use a dab of chocolate to affix candy eyes, a candy nose, and a sprinkle smile onto the outside of each shot glass. Fill with mini M&M’s. Serve with a shot of milk, and enjoy!
Cookie Monster Cookies 2 of 9
Cookie Monster Cookies

Your kids will go gaga over a cookie eating another cookie, and don’t you just love that carpet-like frosting?
Get the recipe from In Katrina’s Kitchen
Photo credit: Katrina Bahl

Koi Pond Cupcakes 3 of 9
Koi Pond Cupcakes

Pucker up to this fishy cupcake. Several types of candy were used to make these adorable little fish!
Get the recipe from Hostess with the Mostess
Photo credit: Jennifer Sbranti

One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes 4 of 9
One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

With Halloween right around the corner, put these monster cupcakes on the party menu!
Get the recipe from Family Spice
Photo credit: Laura Bashar

Lion Ice Cream Cone 5 of 9
Lion Ice Cream Cone

What’s better than plain old ice cream? A roar-tastic one, that’s what. Make your kids this lion ice cream cone and watch them go wild.Get the recipe from Will Cook for Smiles
Photo credit: Will Cook for Smiles

Rainbow Fish Cupcakes 6 of 9
Rainbow Fish Cupcakes

Grab a bag of mini M&M’s and get decorating for the brightest, happiest cupcakes you’ve ever seen!
Get the recipe from Life Is Sweets
Photo credit: Life Is Sweets

Monkey Snack 7 of 9
Monkey Snack

Warning: you may hear zoo-like noises after serving this snack!
Get the recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread
Photo credit: Jessica Williams

M&M’s Butterfly Cupcakes 8 of 9
M&M's Butterfly Cupcakes

These butterfly cupcakes are ready to party. The peanut M&M’s make them irresistible!
Get the recipe from Sweet Simple Stuff
Photo credit: Sweet Simple Stuff

Ice Cream Clown 9 of 9
Ice Cream Clown

This ice cream cone is for M&M’s junkies (and that goes for kids and adults!).
Get the recipe from Will Cook for Smiles
Photo credit: Will Cook for Smiles

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