13 Recipes – Satisfy Any Craving for Less than 100 Calories

When you’re trying to manage your weight or eat better, cravings can be your Achilles’ heel. They come at the most inopportune times and cripple your will power; you gotta have [insert your biggest temptation] right now, no matter what. It’s all you can think about!

Most of us don’t crave healthy or low-calorie foods, unfortunately. It’s always ice cream, chips, or chocolate–never cucumbers, rice cakes or broccoli. To make matters worse, those cravings usually hit late at night when we don’t have many (or any) calories left in our budget for the day.

The good news is that whether you have a sweet or savory, creamy or crunchy craving, you can satisfy it for 100 calories or less without feeling deprived. Here’s how:

First, think long and hard about what you’re craving. If it’s chocolate, chances are a piece of fruit isn’t going to satisfy you. You need to eat what you actually crave to feel satisfied.

Once you know what you want to eat, portion it out. Eating straight from a bag or box is a surefire way to go overboard. Measure out a portion or choose a single-serve treat, and your craving will be crushed without wrecking your calorie budget.

Finally, slow down and savor it. You wanted this treat, you craved it, and now you’ve got it! Sit down, focus on the food in front of you, and experience each bite with all your senses. This will help you feel satisfied with a modest portion.

Here are some of our favorite craving-busting foods that clock in at 100 calories or less:

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Craving Food Calories
Sweet 1/2 cup pineapple with 1 1/2 t shredded coconut 85 calories
Sweet 1 square dark chocolate 50 calories
Sweet 1/2 cup frozen grapes 50 calories
Sweet/Creamy 1/2 English muffin with 1 1/2 t each fat-free cream cheese and jam 100 calories
Savory 1 ounce goat cheese with 1/2 cup sliced cucumber 100 calories
Sweet 1 1/2 cups mixed berries 68 calories
Sweet/Creamy 1 container Yoplait Light 90 calories
Savory/Crunchy 1/2 serving whole-wheat crackers with 1/2 ounce cheese 100 calories
Crunchy/Creamy 1/2 slice whole-grain toast with 1 1/2 t almond butter 100 calories
Crunchy/Savory 1 rice cake topped with 1 tablespoon hummus 65 calories
Savory 1 large hard-boiled egg with salt and pepper 78 calories
Savory/Creamy 1 ounce fresh mozzarella, 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 6 basil leaves 100 calories
Crunchy/Savory 2 cups air-popped popcorn with 1 T parmesan cheese 85 calories

With treats like these, no matter what you crave, you’ll be able to indulge without undoing all the healthy choices you made all day!

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